Please note that this layout is currently being refurbished and is not currently being exhibited. These pictures are all pre-restoration, check back on this page for updates concerning the layout!

Romiley Junction is set in the Mid to late 1950s. Originally built in the 70s on Expanded Polystyrene. Restoration undertaken by Romiley members is now complete. The original control panel has been left in situ but is for display only. A fiddle yard has been added at the “back” but members of the public are invited round the back to see some of the detail that is not visible from the front of the layout. LED station and street lighting has been added along with some features of 1950s Romiley that were not on the original layout. In the process of being rebuilt.

The Finer Details

Scale: 2 mm N Gauge

Size: Space Required at an Exhibition 14 ft X 6 ft

Tables: The layout has its own supports, one table behind for equipment is desirable

Power points: One

Illumination: Layout does have its own illumination.

Insurance value: £800

Operating team: 3 working from behind.

The History Of Romiley Junction

The original layout as built by Mr Worrell was displayed at Romiley Station during an anniversary celebration but due to it’s size storage was found to be difficult. The layout was subsequently given to RMRM who had to immediately cut it into 3 sections to enable easier handling. At this point members of the club renewed some of the electrics with sections available for multiple running.

The layout was showed at the RMRM annual show and also taken to other shows. The figure of eight track proved to be a considerable draw to the public as was the originality of the buildings – comments heard included –I used to live in that house, Fred lived next door”

Unfortunately due to age of the original Polystyrene construction started to deteriorate and the decision has been made to do a complete rebuild. This hopefully will be completed in 2020 and we will be out at shows again with our signature layout.

If you have any further enquiries about Romiley Junction do not hesitate to contact us here