Update on Railhill and St Andrews Model Rail Shows

Hello Everyone! We have some exciting announcements concerning two exhibitions that we are attending this month. On the 16th of November we are attending the St Andrews Model Railway show ( more information here) and we can now announce the layouts we are bringing with us! In total we are bringing 9 layouts including:



-Playing TT Trains

-Caldwell Street

-Danny at the Park

-Danny at the Zoo

-Normanstown & Din Llwyd

-High Lane Junction

-The Habour!

We can't wait to see you all at the show and we hope you enjoy it!

Also, we have updates on the Rainhill show on the 30th of November ( more information here) and we can also announce the layouts that we are bringing along with us!
We are bringing:

-Winter Wonderland


We can't wait for this show too and we hope to see you there also!

And that is that! For more details concerning both shows check the links either at our Exhibitions page or the links in this update blog. Also for more information on our layouts that we are bringing with us check our Layouts page here!

Thanks for reading,

Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers!


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