Goose Creek depicts a Logging Camp in Colorado in the USA at the turn of the 19th Century. Logs are brought down from the hills to the sawmill at Goose Creek. After processing, pulpwood is shipped out.

Freight is also brought to the camp as well as water, there is a "combine car" that delivers the mail and carries workers/passengers to and from Goose Creek.

Most of the locomotives and stock are from the Bachmann range of 7mm narrow gauge equipment that runs on 16.5mm gauge (00) track.

Apart from the depot, the buildings, on the layout, are made from balsa covered in card. A small camp is depicted with individual loggers' cabins and a communal dining cabin.

The Finer Details

Style of layout Fiddle yard to terminus

Scale 7mm to the foot, On30

Size 14ft x 1 ft Footprint 16 ft x 4 ft

Tables One used for stock behind

Power points One

Illumination The layout has its own Illumination

Insurance value £2000

Operating team 2 / 3

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