Romiley Methodist Railway Modellers Show 2023! 

Please look below for details of the 2023 Exhibition

Following our 2022 show, which was a great success raising £1500 for Action for Children, this year we look forward to doing it all again!

At our show this year you can expect a number of fantastic layouts (some of which are hands-on), dioramas and traders. Layouts that we can confirm at this time are:

  • Fox Kirkham
  • The Harbour
  • Hill Street
  • Danny at the Zoo
  • Danny at the Park
  • Chuggington (for Toddlers)
  • Scalelectric

Come and see us at the Romiley Methodist Church Hall and Annex between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm on September 9th 2023!

Pictures of the 2021 Open day!

Romiley Methodist Railway modellers main aim is to inspire and captivate the minds of young people, and get them interested in railway modelling. As a result, many of our expertly crafted models are child orientated. Either the purpose of the layout is to let you, the audience take control (no matter how old, or young you are!) and let you have a taste of what Railway modelling is all about! A significant portion of all our layouts at our show will be hands on experiences, it is up to you if you want the trains to move! This is something that the club thrives off, and whenever we are designing our next model the question, how can we get children involved, in any capacity, is always raised. In fact, many children come along to our club meetings on Wednesdays, along with a family member,  and are prominent members of the club. After all, we need young blood in this hobby to carry it forward!

This obviously, plays a huge part in why we operate our exhibition for the charity Action for Children. Admission to the exhibition is made by a charitable donation, all of which goes to Action for Children. If you do want to find out more about this amazing cause I seriously recommend clicking the link above, which takes you to there homepage; they do some amazing work!

Also, at our show you can find a station buffet where cold food and hot or cold drinks are served throughout the day. Across the two halls you will find countless models that have been modelled over many years, many of which need visitor participation to run! Finally, we need your help for one final thing! Some pesky lego men have escaped their box and have spread out across the exhibition. You need to find them, so we can put them back in their box a the end of the day!

a video from our 2019 show, Filmed by the late Graham Speechley

We hope we can see you at our show in September! Here you can find instructions on how to find us!





Alternatively, you can get here by train to Romiley Station, which has services running to Manchester Piccadilly, Sheffield, Rose Hill Marple and New Mills Central and other stations along the way!

Please do plan your journey ahead of time, in case of poor conditions on the road.

We hope you enjoy your time at the exhibition and we can see you again for our 2023 show!